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22nd MAR 2019
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05/03/2019 to 20/04/2019 ART EXHIBITION - LIFE ON A SPECTRUM

Abstract art exhibition ‘Life on a Spectrum’ explores autism through the eyes of an autistic artist through the visual form of mixed media on paper. The show at Arlington Arts brings together two collections to form Amatina’s newest exhibit ‘Life on a Spectrum’. The first is ‘Autismo 25’, which uses the Spanish word for autism; ‘autismo’ as it was created while taking part in Hannacc artist residency in Spain - but also acts as a reminder that autism is a global condition and something that affects people regardless of where we are in the world. While ‘NYC 14’ is Amatina’s latest work undertaken in New York City as a result of obtaining the Arts Council England ‘Developing your Creative Practice’ funding. My vision is colour. My heartbeat is rhyme. My mind expands with bursts of line, shape, and form. Art imbues each moment of our lives, every cell of our beings. My hands tell my stories as I connect with humanity and explore meaning through creativity and art. The voyage continues...
Arlington Arts, Mary Hare, Newbury RG14 3BQ
MORE INFO: Mahlia Amatina
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