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There are several places you can advertise with us.

The site is divided into sections (e.g. Restaurants) and Sub Sections (e.g. Italian). Sections cost more to advertise on as visitors must go to the relevant section before they can access a sub section (and there fore section traffic is much higher).

Advertising opportunities are primarily on the right hand side of the page and can either be text based ('Spotlights') or image banners.

Every section may have a Section Sponsor which is an image which appears at the top right of every page within that section.

The image below shows these placements on sub section pages (section pages have the same placement):

Banners may be graphical but must be no bigger than 11Kb and 150 pixels wide by 65 pixels high. They may be JPEG, GIF, Animated GIF, or Flash.

In place of a graphical banner may be a text link referred to as a Spotlight:

The Title and Bold Line must be no more than 40 characters each. The info line may be up to 60 characters. The link may point to any URL.


Any Reading based business may be listed on the site at no charge with their name, telephone number and address for any one category.

Any business requiring a web or email link needs an enhanced listing. These also provide description space, map link and a photo as illustrated below:


Type Position Period Cost
Standard Listing     Free
Enhanced Listing Above standard listings 1 year £52
(Small business discount of 50% available. Non-profit organisations are free).
Section Sponsor Banner Top right of every section page 1 month £50
Section Banner or Spotlight Right hand side of page 1 month £25
Sub Section Banner or Spotlight Right hand side of page 1 month £10

We can produce static image banners from your specification at a cost of £25 per banner.